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We ask the top experts in the field for the latest information and advice on the newly revised management system standards (MSS).
What does a “smart” city look like? To find out, read this issue which looks at some of the smart city trends and challenges.
We look at some of the deadly hazards we’ve been exposed to, and how standards can help us to prepare for many of life’s most unpredictable scenarios.
What was sci-fi yesterday is reality today. We point out some examples of technologies and concepts that originated in science-fiction, but can now be found in everyday life.
We look at how SMEs promote diversification of economic activities, support sustainable development and stimulate innovation.
We address some of the basic questions surrounding cloud computing, including the savings and business utility the technology can offer.
Learn about how it only takes one slip to cause irreparable damage to a company’s image.
We explore some of the ways in which standards offer opportunities for an equal, level playing field and economic growth. 
Does it pay to be green? Learn about how the concept of going green is improving our environment, changing industry and improving economic performance along the way.
Learn about how governments can use ISO 9001 to win over voters, clean up bureaucracy and run the public sector like a well-oiled machine.
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