FDIS Norme internationale
ISO/PRF 16316
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ISO/PRF 16316
Edition 1
Norme internationale
ISO/PRF 16316
Projet au stade approbation.


This document determines the resistance of windows (including skylights), doors, or curtain walling, to natural threats characterized by simulated destructive-windstorm events. The test method can also be used on windstorm protective systems for missile impact tests. The test method determines the performance of windows, doors, or curtain walling, under conditions representative of events that occur in severe, destructive-windstorm environments using simulated missile impact(s) followed by the application of cyclic test load. A missile-propulsion device, an air pressure system, and a test chamber are used to model representative conditions that can be representative of windborne debris and pressures in a windstorm event. The performance determined by this test method relates to the ability of building envelope components to fulfill the pass criteria listed in clause 8. This test method is applicable to the design of entire windows (including skylights), and door or curtain walling, also in case these systems are tested in combination with windstorm protective system assemblies and their installation. Exception: - Exterior garage doors and rolling doors are beyond the scope of this specification and this standard does not refer to bullet, blast, or flood resistance. - Windstorm protective systems when tested alone, i.e. not tested in combination with windows, skylights, doors or curtain walling. When windows, skylights, doors or curtain walling are tested in combination with windstorm protective systems, pass and fail assessment criteria (see clause 8), only refer to windows, skylights, doors or curtain walling themselves. No pass or fail criteria for windstorm protective systems are defined and covered by this standard.

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