ISO/IEC CD 29110-7-1.2
Titre manque — Partie 7-1: Titre manque
Numéro de référence
ISO/IEC CD 29110-7-1.2
Edition 1
Committee Draft
ISO/IEC CD 29110-7-1.2
Examen du projet par le comité en cours.


This guideline and its associated standard ISO/IEC 29110-6-1 will establish a common framework for very small entities (Space-VSEs – Very Small Entities) entering the space domain. They will provide processes that will be applied during the development of software. The purpose of this guideline and its associated standard is to provide a set of processes to facilitate a starting point to enter into the space domain within an improvement path towards the fulfilment of all applicable requirements in projects for space. The processes will not presume specific organizational structures, management philosophies, life cycle models or development methods. In relation to process-related risk determination, the proposed standard and its associated guideline are applicable within any customer– supplier relationship of the space domain and to any organization wishing to enter into the space domain. The proposed guideline is targeting VSEs that develop low-level critical software development in space domain as in ASIL A level defined in ISO 26262.

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