ISO/AWI 21261-2
ISO/AWI 21261-2

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This document contains the minimum rules and procedures for conformity assessment schemes through which fulfilment of precious metal responsible sourcing requirements, as described in Part 1, is demonstrated. Conformity assessment schemes which include at least these rules and procedures can provide needed assurance of ongoing fulfilment of ISO Standards for the process of responsibly sourcing of precious metals as well as other normative requirements for the process of responsibly sourcing precious metals. Additional rules and procedures, or additional details, can be added to those in this document to create a specific conformity assessment scheme that addresses one or more types of organizations’ sourcing of precious metals in the precious metal supply chain. The concept of conformity assessment scheme is used in its most broad context in this document as rules and procedures for what conformity assessment and related activities must be performed, who performs them, how they are performed, and when they are performed.

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