ISO/AWI 25004
Chariots de manutention — Exigences de sécurité et vérification — Chariots à plate-forme élévatrice multi-usages (MPEP)
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ISO/AWI 25004
Edition 1
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ISO/AWI 25004
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This document establishes safety requirements and the means for their verification for electrically or manually powered Multi-Purpose Elevating Platforms (MPEP, see definition 3.1) controlled by a standing operator and primarily intended to be used for manually picking and transporting small items as well as performing other diverse tasks at height. MPEPs are not designed for self-loading or tiering or stacking or towing operations. The machine can be equipped with load carrying systems (see definition 3.22). National or local requirements can apply which could be more stringent. This document does not cover Mobile Elevating Work Platform (see ISO 16368) or High Lift Orderpickers (see ISO 3691-3). Remarks (may be deleted): - Operation indoors and on smooth level and prepared surfaces. - Fixed operating position with a fixed platform size / area. - Operator Center of Gravity within the confines of the machine. - Platform elevation by means of a mast. - Permanently mounted fixed tray and/or movable auxiliary load platform to facilitate manual order picking. - Max occupancy is 1 person. This document does not address hazards created by: - Cold store operation - Extending outriggers - Battery system voltage beyond 120V

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