ICS Поле
65.020 Farming and forestry
Pedology, soil analysis, смотри 13.080
Logging, смотри 79.020
65.040 Farm buildings, structures and installations
65.060 Agricultural machines, implements and equipment
Tyres for agricultural machinery, смотри 83.160.30
65.080 Fertilizers
Including soil conditioners and culture medium
65.100 Pesticides and other agrochemicals
65.120 Animal feeding stuffs
Microbiology of animal feeding stuffs, смотри 07.100.30
65.140 Beekeeping
Including equipment and installations for beekeeping
Honey, смотри 67.180.10
65.145 Hunting
Including equipment and installations for hunting
65.150 Fishing and fish breeding
Including hunting of marine mammals and reptiles, collection and breeding of aquatic molluscs and other marine products, equipment and installations for fishing and fish breeding, etc.
Water for fish breeding, смотри 13.060.25
Fish and fishery products, смотри 67.120.30
65.160 Tobacco, tobacco products and related equipment