ISO 11436:1993
ISO 11436:1993
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The principle of the method specified is dissolving a test portion in hydrochloric and nitric acids, decomposing resistant boron compounds (e.g. boron nitrides) by fuming the sample solution with phosphoric and sulfuric acids at not less than 290 °C, forming the boron curcumin complex in a buffered acetic acid and sulfuric acid medium, and measuring the absorbance of the test solution in a molecular absorption spectrometer at 543 nm. Applies to nickel and nickel alloys having a total boron content in the range of 4 g/t to 240 g/t.

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  •  : Опубликовано
     : 1993-08
  •  : 1
  •  : ISO/TC 155 Nickel and nickel alloys
  •  :
    77.120.40 Nickel, chromium and their alloys

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