ISO 15614-5
ISO 15614-5

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This document specifies how a preliminary welding procedure specification (pWPS) is qualified by welding procedure tests.

This document specifies the conditions for the execution of welding procedure tests and the qualification range for welding procedures for all practical welding operations within the range of variables listed in Clause 8.

This document specifies the required tests. Additional tests can be required by application standards.

This document applies to the arc welding of titanium, zirconium and their alloys in all product forms. Arc welding is covered by the following processes in accordance with ISO 4063:

131 – metal inert gas welding, MIG welding;

14 – tungsten inert gas welding, TIG welding;

15 – plasma arc welding.

The principles of this document can be applied to other fusion welding processes.

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     : 2024-02
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