ISO/AWI 17748-3
Intelligent transport systems — Energy-based green ITS services for smart city mobility applications via nomadic and mobile devices — Part 3: Part 3: Data exchange requirements for electric vehicles (EV)-based demand response charging services
Reference number
ISO/AWI 17748-3
Версия 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 17748-3
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This standard specifies the data exchange requirements between related systems within smart city for electric vehicle-based demand response services utilizing nomadic devices as follows: - Demand response for electric energy demand reduction during power system peak demand conditions and in response to fine dust warning issued according to air quality forecast - Demand response for electric energy demand increase, called “reverse demand response”, instead of curtailment during electric power over-generation by renewable energy generation systems such as solar and wind This standard defines the requirements of main actors such as EV, smart city cloud, service provider, User nomadic and data platform to support EV-based demand response services. This standard also defines data set and data processing procedure requirements for EV-based demand response services

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