ISO at COP28:
Accelerating climate action

Dubai - UAE
30 November-12 December 2023​

Looking back at COP28, we are proud to reflect on ISO’s participation at this pivotal event. The conference brought together global leaders, experts and advocates to address the pressing challenges of climate change, and we are pleased to have contributed to many discussions and initiatives.

Highlights from the conference

From insightful sessions to the launch of new standards, ISO stood at the forefront of discussions on how to turn climate commitments into action, now.

Full house at the Standards Pavilion by ISO

The Standards Pavilion by ISO emerged as a dynamic hub, highlighting the crucial role of International Standards in addressing climate change. From sustainable supply chains to lowering carbon emissions, ISO standards are essential to achieving climate goals and targets.

Replay all sessions on ISO's YouTube channel.

Standards in the spotlight

International Standards took centre stage in the official UNFCCC programme, with two side events: 

Credible and accountable climate commitments: We can’t do it alone (replay)
We discussed the increasing number of criteria and benchmarks used to verify climate action to improve the consistency between disclosure, action, and verification standards. To achieve this, we encourage greater collaboration among standard-setting frameworks and organizations.

Global clean hydrogen market – Harmonizing of measuring, reporting, verification and accreditation (replay)
We focused on the importance of having international standards for measuring, reporting, and accredited verification to ensure that clean hydrogen has comparable product carbon footprints and to promote and accelerate its global dissemination. 

Collaborating for good

The COP28 was a platform for strengthening existing collaborations and establishing new ones. ISO proudly announced a key partnership with the IFRS Foundation, marking a significant step towards aligning international financial reporting and sustainability standards. We also reaffirmed our joint commitment with UNIDO for inclusive and sustainable industrial development and economic growth through International Standards. These collaborations underline ISO’s commitment to cross-sectoral cooperation for effective climate action.

Launch of new climate standards

Two new ISO deliverables were also unveiled during the event. The new climate change management standard, ISO 14068-1, outlines a standardized approach for achieving and demonstrating carbon neutrality in the transition to net zero. ISO/TS 19870 on hydrogen technologies was launched by ISO President Ulrika Francke during a COP28 Presidency ministerial roundtable. The new technical specification provides a trusted international methodology for assessing the greenhouse gas emissions of hydrogen pathways on a life-cycle analysis basis.

Looking ahead

ISO remains committed to actions and next steps supporting global efforts towards a more sustainable and resilient future. We encourage all stakeholders to continue leveraging International Standards as powerful tools for driving positive change.

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ISO @COP28 replay

ISO resources for COP28

  • Climate action and ISO standards

    Trusted International Standards help accelerate climate commitments into action. The wide-scale adoption of climate-related standards will help organizations adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

  • A tool for policy makers and all who work towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions for their business, group or country.
  • This brochure introduces the ISO 1409x series designed to assess the impacts of climate change and put in place measures for effective adaptation.
  • In 2021, ISO members committed to put urgent climate action at the heart of standards development.
  • This brochure introduces the ISO 1409x series designed to assess the impacts of climate change and put in place measures for effective adaptation.
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Climate change is happening fast. The world does not have time to prevaricate. But ISO standards can help us make the right policies and speed up the pace. 
ISO standards are crucial for building trust, demonstrating climate progress and strengthening accountability. 
Por el
ISO standards can help companies implement sustainability and climate commitments, and support disclosures in line with IFRS S2.