The small-business advantage

Around the world, the small and medium-sized enterprises are a vital engine of innovation and job creation.

Therefore, understanding the real challenges and opportunities shaping the future of SMEs is a matter of the highest importance. In this issue, we look at how SMEs promote diversification of economic activities, support sustainable development, stimulate innovation and develop entrepreneurial skills, while contributing significantly to exports and trade. We also look at why International Standards are of economic importance, and how SMEs (despite all obstacles) stand to gain most from their use.

Marzo/Abril 2015

The small-business advantage

We look at how SMEs promote diversification of economic activities, support sustainable development and stimulate innovation.


Dawn of a new space era?

Is the dawn of the space revolution over, or are we teetering on the brink of a new chapter ? Rusty Rentsch, Chair of ISO/TC 20, Aircraft and space vehicles, shares his thoughts on the aerospace spaceflight industry and its future.

Boeing forecasts more than 36 000 new airplanes by 2033.

Rusty Rentsch, Chair of ISO/TC 20

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