International Standard
ISO 15630-1:2019
Steel for the reinforcement and prestressing of concrete — Test methods — Part 1: Reinforcing bars, rods and wire
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ISO 15630-1:2019
Edition 3
International Standard
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ISO 15630-1:2019
Published (Edition 3, 2019)
This standard was last reviewed and confirmed in 2024. Therefore this version remains current.

ISO 15630-1:2019

ISO 15630-1:2019
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What is ISO 15630-1?

ISO 15630-1 is an international standard that specifies test methods for determining the mechanical properties of steel bars, rods, and wire used for the reinforcement of concrete structures. These methods ensure that the steel materials used are of consistent quality, meet specific strength and elongation requirements, and are suitable for their intended application in reinforced concrete (RC) and prestressed concrete (PC) structures.

Why is ISO 15630-1 important?

Concrete, while possessing high compressive strength, is weak in tension. Steel reinforcement, therefore, plays a pivotal role in supplementing this inherent tensile weakness. As such, the quality and mechanical properties of the steel used are of paramount importance to ensure the safety, durability, and performance of concrete structures. ISO 15630-1 establishes reliable test procedures that allow for the consistent evaluation of steel reinforcement's mechanical properties. Adopting these standardized tests ensures that the reinforcing steel will behave predictably under load, preventing structural failures and increasing the longevity of infrastructure.



  • Standardized testing: Provides uniform test methods ensuring consistent quality across different batches of steel products.
  •  Enhanced safety: Ensures the steel used in reinforcement meets specific strength and performance criteria, minimizing the risk of structural failures.
  • Reliability: Structures built using steel tested according to ISO 15630-1 can be more reliably designed, knowing that the reinforcement behaves as expected.
  • Global recognition: As an ISO standard, the test methods are recognized internationally, allowing steel producers to access global markets.
  • Cost efficiency: By ensuring the quality and performance of steel reinforcement, future costs related to repairs and maintenance can be minimized.


Steel manufacturers, construction firms, civil engineers, and testing laboratories involved in the production, design, and quality control of steel for concrete reinforcement.

ISO 15630-1 specifically addresses test methods for steel bars, rods, and wire. There are other parts of the ISO 15630 series that cover different types of steel reinforcements.

This would depend on the specific requirements of a project, quality control standards of a manufacturing facility, or local regulatory guidelines.


While ISO 15630-1 provides internationally accepted test methods, it's crucial to check local construction codes and regulations which might have additional or specific requirements.

General information

  •  : Published
     : 2019-02
    : International Standard confirmed [90.93]
  •  : 3
     : 24
  • ISO/TC 17/SC 16
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