CASCO is the ISO committee responsible for conformity assessment in ISO. CASCO develops policy and publishes standards related to conformity assessment, but it does not perform conformity assessment activities.

Strategic direction 2022-26 

CASCO’s Vision:

Supporting confidence of users and facilitating trade through the development of globally relevant and accepted policies and International Standards related to conformity assessment and conformity assessment systems.

CASCO’s Strategic Directions:

  1. Developing ISO conformity assessment policies and standards – Develop ISO conformity assessment policies and standards so that they meet the users' needs globally while being flexible and relevant for future opportunities and risks. Contributes to P1.2 & P2.1 & P2.2.1
  2. Engaging stakeholders – Develop and implement a sustainable and effective engagement model that enhances effective participation from Members and stakeholders to deliver globally relevant conformity assessment standardization solutions. Contributes to P3.2.2
  3. Increasing visibility and awareness – Increase the visibility and awareness of the value of conformity assessment related standardization and of CASCO’s activities. Contributes to P1.1.3
  4. Increasing Members’ capacity to effectively participate in CASCO’s activities – In collaboration with partners, propose, support and contribute to the development and delivery of capacity building activities, designed to address Members’ needs in relation to their participation in CASCO.  Contributes to P3.1 & P3.2.4
  5. Providing a neutral international forum – Study and discuss means of assessing conformity and users’ needs related to conformity assessment standardization in order to build a consistent understanding of conformity assessment and to promote the appropriate use and acceptance of conformity assessment international standards and systems. Contributes to P1.2 & P35

1.3    ISO Strategy 2030, Priorities, P1.2 Innovate to meet global needs; P2.1 Deliver ISO standards when the market needs them; P2.2 Capture future opportunities for international standardization
P3.2 Advance inclusivity and diversity in the ISO system
P1.1 Demonstrate the benefits of standards
P3.1 Strengthen ISO members through capacity building; P3.2 Advance inclusivity and diversity in the ISO system
P1.2 Innovate to meet global needs; P3.1 Strengthen ISO members through capacity building; P3.2 Advance inclusivity and diversity in the ISO system


Caroline Outa-Ogweno
Caroline Outa
Elias Rafoul
Elias Rafoul
CASCO Vice-Chair


Cristina Draghici
Cristina Draghici
CASCO Secretary
ISO Central Secretariat

Membership and liaisons

CASCO membership is open to all ISO members. Full list of CASCO members.


CASCO has established liaisons with international organizations active in conformity assessment. Full list of organizations (bottom of the page).

CASCO also works with different ISO technical committees whose work is related to conformity assessment. Full list of technical committees.    

The majority of CASCO documents are published as joint ISO and IEC documents. CASCO also has an active partnership with ISO’s standardization partner, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

CASCO Toolbox

The ISO/IEC 17000 series of standards for conformity assessment form the CASCO Toolbox.

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