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Mexico has implemented the National Standardization, Metrology and Conformity Assessment System, which is coordinated by the Dirección General de Normas (DGN, by its initials in Spanish) of the Ministry of Economy.

The general aim of the system is to coordinate the development of standards and regulations and to promote their use. The system consists of three fundamental activities: standardization national (including regulations) and international, metrology and accreditation, and conformity assessment. To maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of these functions, DGN:
- participates in the international organizations and other relevant fora to represent the interests of our national sectors;
- coordinates the development of National Regulations and Standards under its competence and registers National Standardization Bodies to issue standards;
- authorizes the Accreditation Entity and oversees its work as well as the compliance of the Regulations under DGN's responsibility;
- issues regulations on Metrological Instruments and approves prototypes and models compliance, and also participates in relevant metrology fora;
- provides training to enhance human resources, provides publicly available information (i.e. on line catalogue of Mexican Standards and Regulations) and- promotes the system as a whole through participating and giving conferences, seminars and workshops.

Finally, DGN serves as the Technical Secretary of the National Standardization Commission (CNN, by its initials in Spanish) that gathers all the Ministries issuing regulations (currently 9), industry, academy and commerce associations and chambers, the NSBs* and other interested parties. The CNN approves the National Standardization Programme and its supplement, and issues recommendations on the whole system.

Dirección General de Normas

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