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The ISO committee for rubber products wins top ISO award.

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By Clare Naden
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With some 29 million tonnes of rubber consumed around the world each year, the multibillion-dollar rubber industry touches all of us, everywhere. The ISO committee of experts that develops hundreds of standards to support it has just been honoured with the Lawrence D. Eicher (LDE) Award, one of ISO’s highest distinctions.

Improved safety, quality and facilitation of international trade are just some of the benefits that International Standards bring to the global rubber industry. ISO’s expert committee ISO/TC 45, Rubber and rubber products, has already published some 440 standards, with more than 60 others in development.

ISO/TC 45 was selected amongst more than 330 ISO committees, most notably for its ability to respond rapidly to market needs by producing standards that provide predictable and sustainable frameworks to produce, process, market and dispose of natural and synthetic rubber products.

The committee is recognized as an example of ISO values and processes, including proactive collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, encouraging broad participation, particularly of developing countries, providing a high level of expertise in the subject matter and demonstrating strong leadership. The selection panel noted that ISO/TC 45 responded rapidly to the changing needs of the rubber market while producing standards that help to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Shahrul Mohd Tahir, Manager of ISO/TC 45, said it was thanks to the committed effort of everyone in the committee that it received the award.

“It is a great honour for all of us to receive the LDE Award,” he said.

“It would not have been possible if it weren’t for the great teamwork demonstrated by our members, who come from all around the globe. Because we truly believe that ‘great things happen when the world agrees’.”

ISO/TC 45 consists of industry experts from over 50 countries along with international organizations such as the International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers and the World Customs Organization. Its standards cover terms and definitions, test methods and specifications for rubber in any form, rubber products (including their dimensional tolerances) and major rubber compounding ingredients. Current and future standards will also address environmental performance, recycling and sustainability.

The Lawrence D. Eicher Award recognizes the superior performance of an ISO committee, including innovative and efficient processes and solutions that ensure the provision of excellent services.

ISO/TC 45 was established in 1947 and its secretariat is currently held by DSM, ISO’s member for Malaysia. For more information about the committee and ISO standards for rubber and rubber products, visit the committee’s Web page on

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