ISO/AWI 8347
ISO/AWI 8347


This International Standard establishes process to measure native vegetation that is being logged in native tropical areas following a management forest plan. Such process includes quantification and monitoring of the area explored to support the analysis of the chain of custody, helping to insure the legal origin of the logged material. This International Standard proposes to establish indicators that can be used as alerts for the occurrence of a possible inconsistency related to the volume of wood contained in the transport and commercialization documentation in relation to what occurs in the area indicated as the origin of native timber in the tropical forest. This indicator can be obtained by means of metrics (mathematical models that establish the correlation between the area of subtracted vegetation detected by monitoring data from Remote Sensing and wood volume) to be established during the study. This International Standard is intended to be used in a holistic and global approach, which can be used by any type of organizations in different regions and biomes, to measure native vegetation harvesting or extraction, helping the long-term sustainability of forest assets. Although intended mainly for areas of forest management, such procedures may be used in other areas. This International Standard aims also to help addressing the growing demands of the international market for native tropical wood, allowing for more transparency and environmental sustainability. This proposal is not intended to establish a Management Systems Standards (MSS).

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  •  : ISO/TC 287 Sustainable processes for wood and wood-based products
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